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Weltzeituhr und Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz
© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Weltzeituhr und Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz

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Altes Museum
Altes Museum
Museum island all inclusive

Altes Museum

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The Altes Museum is one of the state museums of Berlin and is located on Museum Island. Since July 2010, it has housed the Prussian state collections of Roman and Etruscan antiquities upstairs and the Greek collection on the main floor. Open Wed - Sun.
Museum island All inclusive

Anne Frank Zentrum

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The Anne Frank Zentrum, the German partner organization of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, is located right next to the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin-Mitte. The exhibition "All about Anne" focuses on the diary and the life story of the Jewish girl. The exhibition is biographical, interactive and inclusive. Especially for young people, history comes alive here.
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