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German Spy Museum (Deutsches Spionagemuseum)

Exhibition on the world of espionage – the Stasi, the NSA, and Bond

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Berlin's centrally-located Spy Museum offers visitors the chance to explore the fascinating and often murky world of espionage. With exhibits covering the period from Biblical times to the modern day, the museum looks at spying techniques across the ages, including involving social media use. It even brings the stories of James Bond to life. During the time of its division, Berlin was said to have had more active spies than anywhere else - so where better to learn about the life of a spy than in the city that was once at the heart of espionage?

Berlin - a city reunited

In the decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has been transformed. Yet Berliners have been careful to retain some of the most iconic features of the divided city, such as Checkpoint Charlie and portions of the Wall, including the East Side Gallery. Of course, Berlin's history goes back much further than the Cold War, and the Deutsches Historisches Museum tells visitors everything they could want to know about Germany's history and role in the world. Berlin has no shortage of art galleries either, with every style from the Renaissance to cutting-edge contemporary works exhibited in the city. For those interested in 20th-century history, the unusual and eye-opening Spy Museum Berlin is a stand-out attraction.

Europe's former spying capital

During the Cold War, Berlin was a hotbed of spying, so what better location for the Spy Museum? Over the 3,000m2 exhibition space you can see a famous Nazi enigma code machine, attempt to step over laser beams without triggering the alarms, and learn the science behind spy gadgets from the recent and distant past. From microphones hidden in underwear to the most modern surveillance techniques, the Spy Museum offers a fun, interactive journey into the world of spying.

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