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Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen

In the tradition-steeped “Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen” store in Berlin you will find the noblest chocolates in abundance. For over a hundred years, dark chocolate specialities have been produced according to the original recipes of founder Erich Hamann which impress with their intense cocoa aroma. Bauhaus artist Johannes Itten designed the interior, which still characterises the flair of the shop. Stop by and be tempted by delicious Borkenschokolade, aromatic mocha beans and spicy ginger sticks.

Nostalgia and bittersweet specialities

Extravagant taste sensations await in the nostalgic atmosphere of the chocolate shop in Wilmersdorf. In 1928, Swiss artist Johannes Itten designed the original interior, which has been retained up to the present day, in the clear lines of the Bauhaus. A cosy atmosphere is created in the shop’s sales rooms thanks to the bright colours and aromatic scents as well as the friendliness of the staff. In its very name, “Bittere Schokoladen”, the flavourful characteristic of the company founder’s specialities can be heard. Alongside the strong dark chocolates, there are also many sweeter whole milk products and chocolates with a lower cocoa content.

History of the company

Trained confectioner Erich Hamann set up his own business in 1912 with a shop on Kurfürstenstrasse. The intense cocoa taste of his creations quickly became his trademark. More and more Berliners acquired a liking for Hamann's bitter delicacies, which allowed him to expand and open seven further shops by 1935. Yet it was not just the aromatic dark chocolate that customers appreciated, but also Erich Hamann himself. The warm-hearted philanthropist had no pretensions and treated all customers the same way. The scarcity of material and personnel during the Second World War almost brought Hamann’s life's work to an end. Berliners and visitors to the capital alike have the commitment of his family and loyal employees to thank, however, for affording them the opportunity to enjoy the “bitter chocolates” to this day.

Chocolate variety in Wilmersdorf

Today the business is firmly in family hands; Erich Hamann’s son Gerhard along with his wife Ingrid and son Andreas remain true to the motto by ensuring that only “the best of the best” is sold in the nostalgic shop at number 17 Brandenburger Strasse. In addition to whole milk and dark chocolate bars as well as more than 60 different chocolate creations, the product range also includes traditional specialities such as wafer-thin chocolate jazzies and the popular Borkenschokolade. The Hamann family produce all these delicacies with much love from high-quality fine cocoa in accordance with the original recipes. The Hamanns have also remained true to the inimitable packaging, which has enjoyed cult status for a long time.

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