Unter den Linden, Berlin
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Unter den Linden, Berlin

Unter den Linden

The famous boulevard Unter den Linden runs right through Berlin, from Berlin Castle in the east to Brandenburg Gate in the west. As the name suggests, the capital's most famous boulevard is lined with imposing, broad-crowned lime trees that have provided shade for walkers for hundreds of years. The tall trees between the massive buildings on the street provide moments of relaxation under the dense, green canopy of leaves.

The history of the promenade

By 1647, Elector Friedrich Wilhelm had 2,000 lime and walnut trees planted along the former bridle path on the left and right to help the town and its inhabitants recover from the destruction of the Thirty Years' War. Due to the rapidly growing development of Berlin, only a few years later a few metres had to make way for the impressive avenue. While the dusty road was expanded bit by bit into a representative street until the 19th century, numerous official buildings were also being built here, such as the Zeughaus,St. Hedwig's Cathedral, and the Opera House. Since 1871, shops, restaurants, and hotels have also developed here. After the grand promenade was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, reconstruction took almost 30 years. Today the road extends along about 1.5 km and is one of Berlin's most popular sights.

What you can see on Unter den Linden

Starting at Pariser Platz with the Brandenburg Gate, the magnificent boulevard leads you past the famous Hotel Adlon and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to Old Fritz, a sculpture by Frederick the Great on horseback. Bebelplatz with the State Opera is also located here. On the other side is Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Campus Mitte with its humanities faculties. Only a few metres further on, the significant avenue runs along Kronprinzenpalais, where several crown princes used to reside. Today, events and performances are held here. In the Zeughaus on the other side of the street you can visit the German Historical Museum. Further east you finally reach the castle bridge from the 1820s, which leads across the Spree Canal. Unter den Linden leads into the Schlossplatz on Museum Island with the Berlin Palace, the Berlin Cathedral, the Lustgarten, and many interesting galleries and exhibitions.

Discover Berlin

Visiting the sights along the promenade is usually at the top of the schedule for travellers to Berlin. With the Berlin WelcomeCard, the official tourist ticket of the capital, you receive up to 50% discount at over 200 attractions, landmarks, and museums, as well as several restaurants. In addition, the most popular visitor ticket also allows you to use public transport to conveniently reach the various destinations. There are two ticket options for this: the Berlin city area including Tegel Airport or Berlin and the surrounding area, such as Potsdam with Sanssouci Palace and the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Schönefeld Airport.

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Unter den Linden
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