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  1. © Bar jeder Vernunft/ XAMAX

    Bar jeder Vernunft

    Not far from the Ku'Damm is a theatre where glamour has been living on for twenty years, which is reminiscent of the nightlife of Berlin in the 20s

  2. Berliner Ensemble

    Berliner Ensemble

    The Berliner Ensemble is one of the city's most popular theatres, putting on a range of shows from the classic to the thoroughly modern.

  3. © Herbert Schulze

    Berliner Kriminal Theater

    Electrifying suspense and exciting entertainment: at the Berliner Kriminal Theater goosebumps are guaranteed! In the proven who-dunnit-style, the theatre in Umspannwerk Ost offers great crime entertainment in the style of well-known TV thrillers and the best psycho thrillers - and they're live on stage.

  4. Berliner Residenz Konzerte

    Berliner Residence Concerts

    Gala dinner and classical concert in Charlottenburg Palace

  5. © BKA


    In 1988, a couple of comedians got stuck in and transformed the legendary "Dachluke" discotheque into the Berliner Kabarett Anstalt ("Berlin Comedy Workshop"), BKA, for short. The foyer invites you to linger with its well-stocked bar, delicious snacks and a breath-taking view of Kreuzberg.

  6. Die Wühlmäuse

    Cabaret Theatre - Die Wühlmäuse

    It's all about biting satire at the Cabaret Theatre - Die Wühlmäuse. Be prepared to laugh hard when you spend the night with Dieter Hallervorden and friends.

  7. Chamäleon Theater: Memories of Fools

    Chamäleon Theater Berlin

    Right in the heart of Berlin is the pulsing beat of contemporary circus: welcome to the Chamäleon! People from all over the world fulfil their promise of a real adventure here every night by creating sensational shows that will put you under their spell.

  8. Deutsche Oper Berlin Innen

    Deutsche Oper Berlin

    If your vision of an opera includes ancillary characters and choruses spread among the audience, make sure to check out the classy Deutsche Oper Berlin.

  9. Deutsches Theater bei Nacht

    Deutsches Theater Berlin

    Built in the 19th century, the Deutsches Theater Berlin sports a gorgeous classical façade. It's centrally located and many plays are subtitled in English.