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Welcome to Europe's most modern show palace with the biggest theatre stage in the world!

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The Palast is by far the number one among the Berlin theatres and has been recommended as a "Must See" by the NEW YORK TIMES. Every year, our Grand Shows, children’s shows and guest appearances attract 700,000 visitors. For those who want to experience something really unique and unforgettable, the Palast in Berlin is the first choice. Jean Paul Gaultier is a global superstar of the Parisian haute couture. It was him who designed the 500 daring and extravagant costumes.
The piece shows an abandoned revue theater, awoken from sound sleep by an underground party. One guest loses himself, entranced by the magic aura of the place. The former theater directress revives old times before his inner eye. His waking dream blurs the line between past and present. The young man increasingly senses a longing for the person in life that means everything to us – THE ONE

Revues do not have a continuing story line in a classical sense. The artistic context connecting the collage of show pictures can be found in the party's guest’s dream visions.
The dimensions are visually overwhelming: more than 100 artists on the world’s biggest theater stage, a production budget of more than eleven million euros; Europe’s most elaborate show.
Also suitable for international guests, who do not speak German.



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