nineties berlin

Created and produced by DDR Museum

  • Mauerbild, Nineties Berlin

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Welcome to Berlin in the 90s! The multimedia exhibition "nineties berlin" in the Alte Münze is like a trip back in time to that infamous decade of great freedom, club culture, and a breath-taking pace of change to every aspect of life in the city. Immerse yourself in the turbulence that took over the once and future German capital in the years after the fall of the Wall in 1989. See for yourself why so many Berliners look back to those heady days with nostalgia. Where various subcultures and creative people used a time of seemingly endless possibilities, where what was once underground became a mass phenomenon, where ideas were born and buried. Take a step back in time and sense that legendary anarchic freedom that continues to shape Berlin to this day. 

Your smartphone is also a part of our exhibition: the free guidebot offers fast, straightforward information about what you are experiencing at "nineties berlin". As you make your way through the exhibition, you will find numbers that, when you type them into the bot, will deliver informational texts, pictures, and videos about the exhibition straight to your mobile. So grab your phone, take photos, share your experience online, learn about the not-so-distant past, and have fun! 

Tickets for nineties Berlin incl. Berlin WelcomeCard discount available online, see "Admission tickets".


"Berlin Island": 270 degrees, 50 metres long, 5 metres high: Berlin's largest multimedia presentation takes you back to the legendary 1990s in Berlin. Bigger, louder, and more mind-blowing than you ever expected: you'll be put right in the middle of the action. Find yourself as you see the Berlin Wall open for the first time in 28 years, marvel at Christo's veiled Reichstag, experience the crowds that turned out for the Love Parade. The once-divided Berlin is right there at your feet in the centre of the room. 

"Berlin Heads": with the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, people from the East, the West, and the whole world came together in freedom in the once-divided city. Gathered around a toppled icon of communism, Berlin Heads brings together 13 visionaries, players, and creative types who embody the spirit of those heady days and whose extraordinary ideas have come true. They all share their personal stories and have each given "nineties berlin" a special object to illustrate their stories. 

"Feel the Wall" (room with original pieces of the Berlin Wall): the peaceful revolution that toppled the Communist dictatorship in East Germany caught the world's attention when the border between the two halves of Berlin was opened for the first time in 28 years. This symbol of a cruel dictatorship had been conquered by the people from East and West who literally began to chip away at it, piece by piece. Join in the action! Take your photo on the Berlin Wall, get your piece! You'll also learn more about how and why it was built and why so few remnants remain visible in today's city. 

"Lost Berlin" : the Tresor, the Berghain, the Love Parade, and the Tacheles are parts of a Berlin music and club scene that became famous around the world. But only a few of these special places and events of the 1990s have survived the fast pace of change in the past three decades. The artist-designed Lost Berlin labyrinth shows you the legendary lost places of Berlin's vibrant art and culture scene. The highlight is definitely the Love Parade Room where countless infinity mirrors help you feel the joy in partying with such a massive crowd, while the interactive sound machine turns you into a DJ. 

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