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DDR Museum (GDR Museum)

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  • Trabi im DDR Museum
  • DDR Museum
  • DDR Museum

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The GDR Museum offers visitors a hands-on history experience, helping people to understand what life was like under East German rule. Get behind the wheel of the iconic Trabi for a simulated drive through East Berlin, take a seat in a 1970s East German living room, and hear about how the state spied on millions of ordinary East Germans. Providing a unique learning experience, this museum encourages visitors to touch, interact and ask questions. Unsurprisingly, this is one of Berlin's most popular museums for families with children of all ages.

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Delve into Berlin's not-so-distant past

It's only a couple of decades since Berliners were living with the reality of a divided city. The Berlin Wall is perhaps the defining symbol of the Cold War, and history buffs will find plenty of other reminders of Berlin's fascinating past around the city. The city's main museums cover all periods of human history from the earliest times to the Cold War era, while the city also boasts numerous world-class art galleries - visit the Hamburger Bahnhof for exciting contemporary art, or the Gemäldegalerie to peruse work by Renaissance masters. For outdoor fun, head to Tiergarten park where there are forested areas, formal gardens and waterways to discover. Informative, fun and centrally-located, the GDR Museum is a great place to start a Berlin adventure.

Everyday East German life

The GDR Museum isn't simply a museum, but rather an experience - a visit here is like stepping back in time, to witness life through the eyes of ordinary Berlin residents. Most of the exhibits in the museum are interactive, and visitors are encouraged to pick things up and see how they work. Throughout the museum, visitors will find draws and cupboards that when opened, reveal everyday East German artefacts, letters and images. Not to be missed is the recreated flat typical of the East German state - it's as if the residents have just left.

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