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Dalí - The exhibition at Potsdamer Platz

Come into my brain

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Considered a genius of the modern age, Salvador Dalí expressed himself through a range of media from illustrations and sculptures to text and film. The Dalí exhibition at Potsdamer Platz brings the artist’s works to life with more than 450 exhibits on display, borrowed from museums worldwide. With surreal guided tours scheduled regularly, this is the place for newcomers to Dalí’s works to be enthralled, and for old fans to learn more than they ever thought possible about the Spanish artist.

Berlin: City of Freedom

Berlin is a place where old meets new and rough meets smooth. As both a historical and artistic centre of Europe, Berlin is a popular destination for travellers from all over the world. Crammed with unpretentious cafes, late night drinking dens and chic malls and boutiques, Berlin really does have something for everyone. Visitors and locals alike sample locally produced sausages straight from the streets or dine in style at downtown bistros and wash it all down with local craft beer. The city’s reputation for nightlife hotspot is well deserved, and when it comes to setting trends, Berlin can hardly be outdone. What better location for the Dalí exhibition at the Potsdamer Platz?

Come into Dalí’s brain with the exhibition at Potsdamer Platz

Set in a stunningly modern building on the Leipziger Platz, Dalí - the exhibition at the Potsdamer Platz boasts a vast portfolio of the prolific artist’s works. In his lifetime, Dalí invited viewers to ‘come into my brain’, and here they do just that. Lithographs, wood carvings and etchings sit alongside Dalí’s more famous works, and an array of photographs, films and other documents give the visitor a rare glimpse into the life of this creative madman.

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