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Exhibition at Checkpoint Charlie

  • ©bfgg, Foto: Rönnberg
  • ©bfgg, Foto: Rönnberg
  • ©bfgg, Foto: Rönnberg
  • ©bfgg, Foto: GvBernus

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This unique exhibition at Checkpoint Charlie shows the connections between the Berlin Wall and international events such as the Korean War and the Cuban missile crisis. 16 media stations, pictures, posters, documents and original artefacts tell of the division of Berlin and Germany and the international dimensions of the East-West conflict.

This is where recent history comes alive, showing the many aspects of the Cold War: Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt; the Korean War and the Cuban missile crisis; Khrushchev’s legendary appearance before the UN General Assembly; missile programs, propaganda, tanks rolling against popular uprising; the arms race, espionage, wars in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East; reform movements and peaceful revolutions.

For nearly half a century, the struggle between two political systems shaped world events: on the one hand, the Communist dictatorships of the East led by the Soviet Union, and, on the other, the democracies of the West under American dominance. Berlin was the focal point of this so-called “Cold War”. A wall sliced through the heart of the city, people were killed, tried to escape and were expelled. This is where Soviet and American tanks once faced off in 1961, ready for battle. Checkpoint Charlie, as a piece of world history and a place full of symbolism, is the ideal place for an exhibition on the Cold War.

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