Weltzeituhr und Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz
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Weltzeituhr und Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz


On the lively Alexanderplatz you will meet people from all over the world. Its convenient location makes it an ideal starting point for visiting many of Berlin's sights - such as the TV Tower. Marvel at modern works of art such as the World Clock and the Fountain of Friendship between Peoples. Experience original festivals and markets that take place all year round on Alexanderplatz.

Central meeting point in the east of the city

Start your discovery tour through Berlin from the Mitte district - the historical centre of the Spree metropolis. The busy Alexanderplatz is first and foremost a traffic junction and a business centre. Three subway lines, suburban railway lines, bus lines, and regional trains cross here. At the same time, shops, restaurants and a department store attract visitors. There are also nearby cinemas, shopping centres, and museums that can be easily reached from here. But despite all this hustle and bustle, Alexanderplatz magically attracts people who simply want to hang out here.

Experience contemporary Berlin history around Alexanderplatz

The square that was built in the 17th century quickly developed into a central location in the Hohenzollern residence city. Frederick William III gave it its name on the occasion of a visit from the Russian Tsar Alexander I. Many times rededicated from a cattle market to a farmers' market to a parade ground, Alexanderplatz has repeatedly been a historic site: whether during the March Revolution in 1848 or during the protests against the GDR regime in 1989. Its significance in the life of Berliners is expressed in works such as "Berlin Alexanderplatz" by writer Alfred Döblin. This constant change is also reflected in the architecture: the original buildings have disappeared, and with the Behrens Houses from the 1930s there are only two modern classics left. After the devastation of the war, the GDR leadership made dreams of socialist urban development come true here, which still today define the square and its surroundings. Shopping is currently the top activity here, but high-rise buildings with mixed use for living and working will soon give Alexanderplatz a completely new profile.

There is always something going on at Alex

Berliners often simply call Alexanderplatz "Alex". Be captivated by the diverse, often musically organised festivals, such as KENAKO - the Africa Festival or the Street Theatre Festival. The Easter and Christmas markets are also absolutely worth a visit. Try breathtaking base flying from the roof of the Park Inn Hotel or visit the Menschen Museum.

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