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The Schustehruspark in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district is a green oasis that invites you to linger and unwind. Alongside local residents, more and more of the city’s tourists are coming to the picturesque park with its ancient trees, decorative flowerbeds and artistic circular flowerbeds. A children's playground on the southern side is a place of fun and entertainment for little ones, while adults can relax on one of the many benches or enjoy an invigorating walk through the scenic park.

Green paradise in Charlottenburg

In the heart of the chic district of Charlottenburg lies a paradisical park with extensive green spaces, vivid flowerbeds and perennial beds: the Schustehruspark. Unwind sitting on a comfortable bench in the shade of the overhanging trees and escape the stresses of daily life for a moment. The wide paths are perfect for taking a walk. Linger at the two circular flowerbeds made of natural stone on the southern side and breathe in the clean air in this opulently landscaped idyll. The plant life, rich in both colour and design, is accentuated by delicate design elements that integrate harmoniously into the surroundings. The park is especially atmospheric at dusk when the nostalgic street lamps give off their warm glow. Incidentally, the Schustehruspark owes its name to the merited Charlottenburg mayor Kurt Schustehrus. In Schustehrusstrasse 33, likewise named after him, a commemorative plaque provides information about the park’s foundation.

History of the Schustehruspark

The park, which today is a protected public place, originally belonged to the Villa Oppenheim. In 1914 it was converted into a public park for the residents of apartment buildings in the surrounding area in accordance with plans by renowned landscape gardener Erwin Barth. In the process, Barth made use of existing design elements such as the imposing stone vases from the original garden. Even the population of old trees was retained. After the Schustehruspark suffered severe damage during the Second World War, thus losing much of its original charm, a new park emerged in 1947/48 under the management of Walter Hilzheimer. In 1987 Berlin celebrated its 750-year existence, something which also benefited the Schustehruspark. To mark the celebration, the park was rebuilt in accordance with Barth’s original plans so that today it shimmers once more in its former glory. Even the destroyed stone vases from the Villa Oppenheim were replaced with terracotta replicas.

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