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The Berlin Zoo is the most diverse zoo in the world. As the oldest zoo in Germany, it has been impressing its visitors since 1844, both with exotic as well as domestic animals. The Berlin Zoo is also a conservation for species from all around the world and successfully participates in various European and international breeding programmes. 365 days a year you can visit your favourite animals and discover new species. Whether young or old, alone, with family or with friends - the Berlin Zoo is always worth a visit. Get ready for an unbelievably great adventure in the heart of the capital!


The Berlin Aquarium is one of the most famous and important public aquariums in Europe. Behind the historic facade hides a considerably wide variety of species, second to none worldwide. It is not only home to numerous unusual fish, but also hundreds of impressive reptiles and insects live here. Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of extraordinary colours and shapes of the animal kingdom!

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Budapester Straße 32, 10787 Berlin





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