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The Wall Museum - East Side Gallery

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  • The Wall Museum

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With over 100 screens and interactive displays spread across 13 rooms, this unique museum tells the story of the Berlin Wall through the eyes of the people whose lives were directly affected by it. Hear about people only given a few hours notice to leave their homes when the Wall was built, hear from border guards, and learn about the political movement which brought about the fall of the Wall in 1989. A visit to the Wall Museum promises to be an eye-opening experience.

Cold War history and much more

In the decades since the Wall came down, Berlin has worked hard to reinvent itself as a vibrant, cultural hub. At the same time, the city continues to pay homage to its complex past. People interested in the Cold War period can see Checkpoint Charlie, visit the Spy Museum or learn about everyday East German life at the GDR museum. The heart of Berlin's cultural offerings is perhaps Museum Island, home to five of Germany's most important museums. Yet the city offers much more, from the relaxing surroundings of Tiergarten park, to diverse theatre, art events and a thriving café culture. For many, however, Berlin remains synonymous with world-class museums - for a glimpse into the city's recent past, the Wall Museum is unmissable.

The story of the Wall, told by ordinary Berliners

The Wall Museum offers something a bit different from the norm - it tells the story of the Wall using the voices of people who lived in Berlin at the time. Hear from families torn apart after the Wall was built, learn of escape attempts into the West, and finally experience the joy of the people of Berlin when the Wall came down. The museum also happens to be adjacent to the East Side Gallery, a 1.2km-long section of Wall, adorned with various murals about Berlin's division and reunification.

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With a Berlin WelcomeCard, you can experience the city with ease. As well as free public transport around the city by tram, train and bus, the Berlin WelcomeCard entitles you to discounts of up to 50% at many locations across the city. What's more, you can even enjoy discounts at certain restaurants. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that the Berlin WelcomeCard is the city's most popular visitor ticket.

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