Berlin is green

  • Kienbergpark

For this tour, plan in two days. With Berlin’s wealth of parks and gardens, nothing could be easier than enjoying green spaces in the city! The lakeside Haus am Waldsee 1, the top modern art venue in Berlin’s south-west, is housed in an attractive English country-style villa. Here, you can admire contemporary works by international artists. For the sheer greenery experience, visit Berlin’s Botanic Garden 2. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about plants – and enjoy a sea of flowers in summer, and tropical nights in winter. To reach the next stop, take the tube (U-Bahn) to the Zitadelle Spandau 3, one of Europe’s best-preserved Renaissance fortresses. As you stroll around the inside of the fortress, history really comes alive. To finish your first day, enjoy a traditional cruise on Berlin’s waterways with one of the boats of the Reederei Lüdicke 4 – the landing stage is just a short walk from the fortress. In summer, there are also evening cruises on offer. 

The second day starts with one of Berlin’s most renowned green sites. At the beautiful Gardens of the World 5 you can enjoy flowers and landscaped gardens from across the globe. Take a walk through the Chinese garden to Bali’s lush tropical vegetation, and from the Italian to the English garden. For spectacular panoramic views out across Berlin, don’t miss a ride on the Leitner Cable Car 6 which crosses the green Wühletal valley to the Gardens of the World visitor centre. Continue your world trip in Berlin at the next stop, the Tierpark Berlin 7. Less than thirty minutes away, Europe’s largest wildlife park is home to over 650 different species of animals from around the globe – and the spreading site also offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages