Tour "Alter Fritz" Stadt- und Schlösserrundfahrten

Historical town and palace tours

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Current information: Please observe the following hygiene measures during your visit:

  • Wear mouth and nose protection
  • Keep a distance

Special opening hours apply: daily 11:15 am

Due to the current situation there may be changes in the offer. Please inform yourself on the partner website prior to your visit.

Travelling via double-decker tour bus on a route that encompasses palaces, a mosque, the Baroque Centre and Dutch Quarter in Potsdam, this three-hour tour is certainly one of the most enjoyable ways to appreciate Berlin's role as an international historic city. With guides offering a range of languages and the choice to stop off where you please, this is an excellent experience for history buffs and those who simply want to see more of the city quickly and in comfort.

Appreciating historic Berlin

Berlin has been an important city in the European and global context for many centuries, with a number of historic palaces, museums, landmarks and other buildings making choosing what to see an exciting prospect. Tours are an excellent way to get the lay of the city and then decide if any attractions in particular are worth exploring in more detail. In addition to the sites explored on the Alter Fritz Stadt und Schlösserrundfahrten Tour, visitors can stroll around 'Museum Island'. The Brandenburg Gate, the remains of the Berlin Wall and the many excellent galleries in the city are other great highlights for travellers in the German capital to experience.

The sights on the Alter Fritz Stadt und Schlösserrundfahrten Tour

This tour lasts approximately three hours and languages is available in English as well as German, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch. Riders will enjoy seeing the castles owned by past German royalty, as well as many of the sights that citizens from other countries have imprinted on the city and added to its international reputation. These include a Russian log cabin and a mosque, as well as driving through Berlin's own Dutch Quarter, with traditional red brick buildings that are distinct from the general architectural style of Berlin. The opulent Sanssouci Palace, formerly inhabited by Frederick the Great, is one of the top sights on the tour.

Enjoying more of Berlin with the WelcomeCard

The Berlin WelcomeCard is the city's official, and most popular, visitor's ticket, offering unlimited free public transport and discounts of up to 50% on over 200 tours, exhibitions, landmarks and even restaurants and bars around the city. There is also an all-inclusive version, which gives totally free access to 30 of the most popular attractions around the German capital. Save money as well as getting inspiration from the useful map and guide provided with the ticket.

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