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We see ourselves as a showcase for the latest trends in the contemporary circus scene and as such want to convey to our guests a taste of the variety and ingenuity of this genre. Each show is unique and forms the soul of our company for each season. We love and appreciate each individual production and for each new season put our lifeblood into the quality and sustainable production of another tone of the new circus. In order to maintain the high quality of the performances, we refrain from short production cycles. Instead, we only perform two major shows on stage a year, which are always matched with loving precision work with renowned partners and perfectly tailored to the stage of the  CHAMÄLEON theatre. This makes every show on our stage unique.

The results are customised international pieces by emerging companies full of charm and creative free spirit that entertain, impress, touch, surprise, and are resounding. As different as the performances may be in mood, tone, and colour, they nevertheless always follow the concept of new circus as a genre that blurs and exceeds boundaries in the constant search for new exciting compositions of theatre, acrobatics, dance, music, drama, and video art.

Be surprised by our theatre schedule: it always has something new and is guaranteed to enchant, amaze, and delight you!

Current show: UNDERART - Ode to a crash landing only until 19/02/2017!

As "Ode to a crash landing", that lets us get up after a crash, UNDERART celebrates love of life and the stage. Ripple and Murmur create a magical setting with their live performed works for the unique artistry of the magnificent ensemble. Together they create an evening full of excitement, passion, and joy.

From 25/02/2017 to 20/08/2017 - SCOTCH & SODA

The name says it all! Those who enter our theatre dive into another world that revives the atmosphere of the dim speakeasies of the prohibition era. Circus, theatre, and live music are mixed there to create a unique cocktail - smoky, boisterous, and wild.

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