The Arts in Berlin-Mitte Tour

  • Monbijoubrücke

The World Heritage Site of Museum Island [1]offers a breathtaking tour through five museums. The Altes Museum (Old Museum) [2] with its portico of monumental columns houses outstanding treasures from classical antiquity, while the spectacularly restored Neues Museum (New Museum) [3] shows masterpieces of Egyptian art. Here, you can also find the legendary bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in its own richly decorated display room under the north dome. Opened in summer 2019, the James-Simon-Galerie is the new central entrance and includes temporary exhibitions, an auditorium and a café with a stunning view. From here, you can directly access the  Pergamonmuseum (Pergamon Museum) [4] to discover the exciting architecture of Roman antiquity and the Ancient Near East (Please note: Admission only with a booking for a time-slot ticket! Available free of charge in the  Berlin Tourist Info Centres, at the James-Simon-Galerie ticket desk or at The Pergamon Museum is renowned for its amazing exhibits from the classical world – such as the 17m-high Roman Market Gate of Miletus and the Babylonian Ishtar Gate with its blue-glazed tiles adorned with bulls and dragons. The stunning Pergamon Altar itself will re-open to the public when the on-going restoration work is completed. Now fast forward to the nine-teenth century – in just a few steps. The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) [5] presents masterpieces of German and French painting and sculpture. The Bode-Museum [6], located at the northern tip of Museum Island, is renowned for its sculpture collection and impressive exhibition spaces, with high domed halls and a “basilica” inspired by religious architecture. Incidentally, the Monbijoubrücke [7] bridge at the Bode Museum is the optimal standpoint for a panoramic photo of the River Spree, Bode Museum and TV Tower!

It’s well worth exploring the district. The impressive Berlin City Palace [8] reconstruction is close to completion, giving the city centre here a new look. And how about discovering Berlin’s vibrant contemporary art scene? The outstanding Boros Collection [9], for example, presents one of the most exciting private collections of contemporary art in a very unusual space – a converted Second World War bunker whose dramatic history creates an emotionally charged exhibition venue (registration required Or stroll down Auguststraße [10]: with its gallery and exhibition venues, this is one of the cutting-edge centres for contemporary art in Berlin.

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