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The Berlin Zoo welcomes latest additions

The time has come: the long awaited panda couple Meng Meng and Jiao Qing has arrived in Berlin. The two Chinese bears are already settling in to their freshly built domicile at the Berlin Zoo. The 10 million Euro, 5480-square-meter facility features a Panda house as well as a spacious outdoor area.

Inspired by the natural habitat of the animals, it offers many climbing possibilities, trees, bamboo and watercourses - Mengmeng and Jiao Qing are bound to feel comfortable in Berlin!

Visit the pandas

Visitors can observe the panda bears undisturbed through large glass windows around the enclosure. The indoor areas are also accessible to visitors through a walkway. Berlin is welcoming to the two future darlings of the public, who are the only giant pandas in Germany after the death of panda male Bao Bao in 2012. 

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